An intense story-driven action-exploration game that forces the player to bend the laws of cause and effect.

Help Reina overcome her adversaries and create the perfect chain of events that will lead her to freedom.

Reina & Jericho Fact Sheet

Release Date Q3, 2023
Platforms Steam (Windows PC), Nintendo Switch, PS5, XBox One,
Developer/Publisher Reclamation Games
Players Single Player
Regular Price TBD
Languages English, Spanish
Ratings T for Teen (ESRB)



  • Screenshot from a cutscene
  • Reina using the spider grip
  • Reina fighting the Inquisitor
  • Exploring a hot area
  • Deflecting bullets with a repulsive force
  • Screenshot from a cutscene
  • Reina fighting the Zealot
  • Reina using the lightning ability to ascend
  • Exploring a snowy area
  • Exploring a mechanical area
  • Screenshot from a cutscene
  • Reina fighting a mech


  • Unprecedented Emphasis on Story

    A rich story exploring ideas about time and consequence is interwoven with Reina’s emotionally charged search for Jericho. Where most games in the genre feature story as a secondary feature, the narrative of Reina & Jericho is central to the entire experience, and the themes of suffering, growth, and determination are closely linked with gameplay.

  • Explore Across Space and Time

    Reina & Jericho is centered around the idea of traveling back and time, but with a focus on cause and effect. This leads to a unique experience where players can explore the game world and backtrack in the traditional Metroidvania way but may also explore the game across different time continuities for wildly different experiences.

  • Fast-Paced Gameplay

    Although Reina starts in a very limited state, she quickly gains access to abilities that grant her incredible speed and mobility. Although new players will be able to enjoy the game by mashing through her three hit combo, the ceiling for what highly skilled players will be able to achieve and enjoy is incredibly high. Each ability Reina unlocks grants both mobility and combat capabilities and can be used in conjunction with her other abilities to create a very flexible toolkit that allows for expressive play at whatever level of intensity the player desires.

  • Replayability & Appropriate Length

    Reina & Jericho has three main game modes: Story, Speed, and Randomizer. All are designed around creating a well-paced adventure that emphasizes an experience that can be enjoyed and completed in a few sessions and then played through again. In Story Mode (the standard version of the game), the story is influenced by both player decisions and random factors, meaning there will be small easter eggs on repeated playthroughs and new scenes to discover and pieces of information to learn.

    Speed Mode removes most of the story and cutscenes from the game while also reconfiguring several key details to create a unique experience that allows for the fastest (and fairest, for those interested in racing the game against friends) possible experience of the game.

    Randomizer Mode will reconfigure the game world to create unique layouts and confiruations to transform Reina & Jericho into a more traditional Metroidvania that is different every time.


  • Reina and Jericho cover art
  • Reina and Jericho cover art with no logo
  • Mosaic of Characters from Reina and Jericho
  • Illustration of Reina's face


  • Reina and Jericho Logo
    Reina & Jericho Logo (Horizontal)
  • Reina and Jericho Logo
    Reina & Jericho Logo (Vertical)