• Confront Reina's past, present and future.
  • Discover artifacts, overcome adversaries, rewrite cause and effect.
  • Find a way.

Wishlist Reina & Jericho on Steam



  • Screenshot from a cutscene
    Powerful Narrative

    A story with emotional depth and big ideas focusing on love, suffering, and growth within a time-bending sci-fi noir.

  • Reina grabbing a wall with an energy beam
    Exciting Platforming

    Silky-smooth controls allow for delightful precision platforming segments, whether it is performing a difficult jump or dashing in to score a few hits against an opponent.

  • Two characters fighting
    Fast-Paced Combat

    Intense melee combat built around speed, flexibility, and Reina’s many unique abilities allows for expressive play where players can discover their own unique way of fighting.

  • Reina exploring a fiery area
    Time-Bending Exploration

    Explore diverse environments at different moments to see events play out in different ways. Use time-travel mechanics to solve puzzles by violating the laws of cause and effect, explore the world on different continuities, and find a way to create the perfect chain of events that will lead Reina to freedom.

  • Reina deflecting bullets with a repulsive field
    Unique Abilities

    Novel power ups that are incredibly effective alone or in concert with Reina's other abilities create a gameplay experience unique to the genre.

  • Screenshot from a cutscene
    Infinite Replayability

    Story events are influenced by the player's actions and random factors so that there will be new content even on repeated playthroughts. Speedrun Mode is available for players who want a pure gameplay experience, and a built-in Randomizer can modify the game world to create a unique Metroidvania experience every time.