Who We Are

Reclamation Games

We are an independent game development studio located in the Capital region of Alberta, Canada.

What We Do

Original Game Development

We make games that unite gameplay, visual art, music, and narrative to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on the player.

What We Do

Development Support

We help other studios close out their development through planning assistance and direct development support.

Reclamation Games was critical in helping us complete 9 Years of Shadows at the level of quality we required.

Miguel Hasson, Halberd Studios CEO

Questions Asked Frequently

Am I allowed to stream or Let’s Play your games?
Yes! Check out our Content Creator Policy (where it also says yes).
I’m a content creator, can I have free stuff?
We were going to ask you the same thing! Contact us on the Twitter machine and we’ll chat.
Are you going to release [game] on [platform]?
Our goal is to get our games on all the major gaming platforms, although you may have to wait a bit.
Your bug-infested game done messed up!
Yeah that can happen. Email us at bugs@reclamationgames.com or send us a tweet so the whole world can know our shame. We will take it personally for a few minutes and then try to figure things out. Most bugs, even data-loss related ones, can be fixed or mitigated once we have the information we need (like what happened).